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Glass Blowers - Oakridge, OR

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Oregon has a long tradition of talented glass blowers that goes back decades. At New Millennium Cannabis, in addition to growing and selling a wide variety of top grade cannabis strains we have our own tradition of supporting and publicizing our states many talented glass artists whether they are from Eugene, Oakridge or elsewhere in the area.

Bongs for example, in addition to being a popular method for ingesting cannabis are often very visually arresting and creative in their own right. As marijuana becomes legal in more and more places, the negative stigma around it begins to abate as well and many of these pieces are being re-evaluated for their artistic value. We have many pieces to choose from in our shop here from simple and basic to colorful and intricate. Who knows, maybe a cool looking item that you buy today to use for smoking could be worth big bucks one day. Stop by today and check us out and pick out the perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

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